Where’s my cross-cloud load balancer?

Citrix launching a new version of their Netscaler application delivery controller got me wondering why we still don’t have a multi-cloud Netscaler equivalent, capable of providing load balancer and traffic management capabilities across AWS, Google, Azure, and if you insist, Softlayer too?

I don’t think I’m asking for much, all I want is:

  • Automated creation (and destruction) of new back-end servers (or containers, Lambda, etc) in each cloud provider
  • Monitoring based on the metrics provided by each cloud provider and external ones such as latency
  • Routing of different URL patterns to different cloud providers depending on application deployment
  • Support for automated DNS record updates using multiple DNS providers
  • Distributed control plane so in the event of any one cloud failure, routing and updates continue

Even this operating in multiple AWS regions would be a big step forward over the standard AWS Elastic Load Balancer service, but if cross-cloud operation is to become normal, then this is one of the more straightforward services required.

So, when can I get it please?